Additional Services


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Additional Services...

Curriculum Development and Course Writing

uniquely tailored to your organizational needs!

Layne has authored numerous programs and learning materials for the sales and management students, as well as providing materials for technical programs. He can customize program materials and delivery systems specific to your organizational needs and branding. Call for a quote!

Editorial Review and Technical Advisement

for Textbook Authors and Publishers of Educational Textbooks

Checking materials for their technical correctness is a formidable task that requires a keen eye to detail and a tuned ear to the context material. Does it all work? Does it fit? Does it make sense? Layne has worked with authors and publishers on their manuscripts to ensure the integrity and viability of the material. Editorial Review and Technical Advisement is not authorship. Rather it is a proofing of the material submitted before it goes to publication.

Mediation and Ombudsman Services

for any individuals or organizations facing the need for dispute resolution.

Disputes and disagreements happen. Everyday. Whether they are internal or external, they need to be addressed and not swept under the rug. If they are ignored they often lead to more serious and costly resolutions - think lawsuit. Now the question isn’t so much is one side right or wrong, but how can the two find common ground in which to resolve the situation without the expense of litigation. Winning the lawsuit is still expensive as you have to pay for the defense! Lawyers cost money - lots of money.  Mediation with a skilled facilitator may save you money - lots of money!

Certificate Program on Negotiation and Mediation, Northwestern University School of Law

Negotiation and Mediation Training, Pepperdine University School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution