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Broker License: Overview

Minimum Requirements - Broker

Applicants wishing to secure a real estate broker's license must qualify in two categories:

  1. 1.Education and/or Experience

  2. 2.Statutory courses

Education and/or Experience

A minimum of two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years (or 4-years part-time, or a 4-year college degree from an accredited college - One or the other).

Statutory Courses

Applicants must have successfully completed at least eight statutory-required college level courses from the following list:

Five required courses

  1. Real Estate Practice

  2. Legal Aspects of Real Estate

  3. Real Estate Finance

  4. Real Estate Appraisal

  5. Real Estate Economics or General Accounting

Three of these courses*

  1. Real Estate Principles

  2. Real Estate Property Management

  3. Real Estate Office Administration

  4. Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending

  5. -Business Law

  6. -Escrows

  7. -Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate

  8. -Advanced Real Estate Finance

  9. -Advance Real Estate Appraisal

*Only the courses marked in bold are offered by Chamberlin Real Estate School.

*If applicant completes both Accounting and Economics, only two courses from second group are required.

Broker License: Enrollment Fees

One course:  ONLY $89.00
  1. (purchase) Real Estate Principles

  2. (purchase) Real Estate Practice

  3. (purchase) Real Estate Finance

  4. (purchase) Legal Aspects of Real Estate

  5. (purchase) Real Estate Appraisal

  6. (purchase) Real Estate Economics

  7. (purchase) Mortgage Loan Brokering & Lending

  8. (purchase) Real Estate Property Management

  9. (purchase) Real Estate Office Administration

Ordering two to four courses at the same time:

$89.00 for the first course plus only $65.00 for each additional course:

Enroll In     Fees                   Total          You Save*  Order Here

2 courses   $89.00 + $  65    $154.00        $24.00      2 Courses

3 courses   $89.00 + $130    $219.00        $48.00      3 Courses

4 courses   $89.00 + $195    $284.00        $72.00      4 Courses

Order five or more courses at the same time:

ONLY $65.00 for each course:

Enroll In                               Total         You Save*   Order Here

5 courses ..........................  $325.00     $120.00      5 Courses

6 courses ..........................  $390.00     $144.00      6 Courses

7 courses ..........................  $455.00     $168.00      7 Courses

8 courses ..........................  $520.00     $192.00      8 Courses

*Multiple course discounts are on a per-student basis.

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