ASAP Mentoring &

Agent Counseling


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especially when you can least afford it..

you need some help.

What can you do? 

Here’s a hint... CALL ME!

I know you’d like to use the services of a seasoned professional...

if you could afford the monthly fees.

(usually around $700 - $1500 and sometimes as high as $3,000 per month)

But, I know and you know that sometimes you just don’t have those financial resources at your disposal. Not many people do!

What can you do if you find that there is just too much month at the end of the money?

I have a solution for you...

Call me and let’s talk. Seriously!

Now offering Coaching and Mentoring Services

New Sales Agents - Seasoned Professionals - Management and Executive level, too.

Pick the program that works best for you!

Pay as you go...


  1. Bullet Weekly sessions

  2. Bullet Bi-weekly sessions

  3. Bullet Monthly sessions

  4. Bullet Services on an Hourly Basis

  5. Bullet New 15:30:45:60 program! 

  1. Bullet No long term contracts - None!

  2. Bullet Flexible arrangements

  3. Bullet Fits your economic needs

Call me - I can help you and not break the bank!