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Are you the new kid on the block?


It’s hard when you first start out. 

I know.  Been there and done that. 

It feels lonely and isolating.  What do I do? How am I going to reach my goals?  Who’s going to help me?  They used to say...

There’s your desk, there’s the phone. 

Good luck, kid... you’re on your own! 

No more - never again!

I can help you...

really, I can help you,

immediately... as in right now!

I offer a unique combination of learning modules designed to provide you with the tools and skills you need to make your venture into the real estate field as successful as possible. 


Sessions in a group webinar setting via the internet OR LIVE SESSIONS!

This is a comprehensive sales training program that invites you to learn and adopt many time tested and proven activities that will assist in leading towards a successful career in real estate. The program is designed to give you the fundamentals skill sets necessary for building and developing your business.  

A.P.T. will assist you in providing excellence in customer service and help you distinguish yourself from the competition. This program includes subject matters including: developing your sales skills, establishing your business goals, coordinating a personal written business plan, conquering time management, how to implement and maintain prospecting for business leads as well as learning the essentials of strategic negotiation techniques.  Sign up for the series or individual modules as needed.

Covered topics will include: 

  1. 1.    What is my Job?

  2. 2.    Business Planning and Development

  3. 3.    Time Management for a Successful Career and Life

  4. 4.    Marketing Me - Self promotion with Ease and Grace

  5. 5.    Building a Referral Based Business without compromising my relationships

  6. 6.    Qualifying my dBase

  7. 7.    Marketing: Self Promotion without looking like an egomaniac

  8. 8.    Prospecting - both Active and Passive methods

  9. 9.    Dealing with Clients and Customers

  10. 10.  Listing Presentations

  11. 11.  Dealing with the Commission Question

  12. 12.  Open Houses

  13. 13.  Showing Properties

  14. 14.  Writing Offers

  15. 15.  Presenting Offers

  16. 16.  Negotiation Skills and Strategies.

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Looking to affiliate with a broker?

I can offer you an exceptional opportunity.

Come work with me and I will provide:

  1. 1. Training that is geared to today’s market and client!

  2. 2. On-going Coaching and Mentoring!

  3. 3. State of the art technology!

  4. 4. Cutting edge marketing tools and resources!

  5. 5. A friendly and professional working environment!

  6. 6. Beautifully articulated and designed office!

  7. 7. Accountability program to help you stay on course!

  8. 8. Direct-line phone number!

  9. 9. Web page presence!

  10. 10. Unparalleled assistance and administrative support!

  11. 11. Dynamic Broker Support!

  12. 12. and much more!

and ALL of this at


(Can you say... uh, FREE)

Additionally, I will provide you with...

  1. Bullet    Competitive Commission Splits!

  2. Bullet    No monthly desk fees!

  3. Bullet    Low Cost Errors and Omissions Insurance!

If you’d like to learn more...

Please call me and let’s set-up an

informal interview.